Birth of The Archer

I have been asked often times what and why I was inspired to write The Archer. The story is long and convoluted at best but I will share with you the events behind the scenes.

In 2007 I was diagnosed with a condition that demanded me to stop work immediately. I was devastated, feeling lost and confused. Having worked in the medical field all my life I wanted to continue in the art of healing; healing myself and healing others. Fortunately, I had been introduced to Reiki years earlier and knew of its value and powerful healing properties. I delved into the studies working diligently day after day spending every waking hour reading, learning all I could. After five years of practice and study I earned my Master stasis. I began meditating and learning the art of Qi Gong. Miraculously my body began to heal, an unexpected outcome to the medical community.

As years passed I was still not feeling as though I was doing enough in my life and wondered what my purpose was and what God wanted me to do now.  You see I am a Catholic and strong in my religion, yet I was depressed and wondering if the fight to continue was worth it. A very low point in my life, it was at this time that I found myself sitting at the Wethersfield Cove looking out over the water on a cold March day as I had a conversation with God and the Blessed Mother. I asked her to show me a sign, to give me direction because I was losing interest in life. I knew I had been blessed with many gifts, those of singing and teaching and even being empathic and intuitive, yet I could not sort it out.

I returned home to my computer where I chatted with friends and simply watched the world go by. I kept seeing a photo pop up in front of me and for six weeks ignored looking at it until one day it dawned on me, that it was all for a reason. I hit the button and there before me was Armin Hirmer, The Archer. His photo was stunning and I simply wrote ‘Perfect.’ I searched his photo albums and was taken to a new world, to new places where life seemed to be in an array of bloom. A new world of archery and the bow simply exploded in front of my eyes and my world was changed forever. My ability to see his photo and know with certainty of the man before me could not be refuted. We shared many interests and our core values were the same. I was able to see into the window of his very soul and feel a million oceans rippling the spirit within him. We became friends.

Several Sunday’s later while in the choir loft at St. Peter’s Cathedral in Hartford, I sat listening to the eulogy, gazing at the alter when suddenly a voice came out of nowhere, a booming voice hollered from the ceiling of the church.  It said “Write of Him.” I grabbed my chest in shock, crossing my eyes immediately thinking this is crazy. I asked out loud, “write of whom?” Then another voice came from the right side of the ceiling again saying, “Write of HIM, write ‘The Archer’.” I was speechless as a million thoughts ran ramped in my head, wondering all the while if anyone else heard the voice. I went home and sent Armin a text telling him what had happened and that I had been given a directive. “May I write of you?” I asked. “YES,” he answered.

The Archer was born.


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