From the Beginning to the Present

As a young girl, I was a dreamer who would each night watch from my second floor bedroom window as stars twinkled brightly dotting the sky’s carpet of black velvet. To me every twinkle was a life somewhere in the vast universe. On my knees I would wonder about the heavens above knowing there were many not as fortunate as I. And even then I thought about every soul who walked the earth. So I prayed that God would take care of the world giving each his protection, enough food and a warm bed for their nights.  Color, ethnicity and religion did not matter then or now, as we are the same in God’s eyes and in mine.

I studied ballet and was born to a world of music at a young age. As I danced the part of the Sugar Plum Fairy in Tchaikovsky’s ‘Nut Cracker Suite,’ I found myself humming the tune louder with each movement, realizing that the young voice coming back to me had promise.

I was one of five children born to nurturing parents. My Dad was a football coach, my Mother the force who kept each in line, of course in a loving manner. We were poor by all standards but I never cared about shopping or shoes and handbags. I was too busy adrift learning to sing, play piano and guitar and watching the football player’s line the living room floor on Sunday afternoon’s as they watched the film from Saturday’s game.

After high school I was somehow chosen as one of Hartford Connecticut’s Who’s Who in Hartford’s Women in Business. What??? I was nineteen years old, but already had written my own music and was performing at coffee houses and hotels in the area. It felt strange being interviewed by a reporter asking all kinds of questions nor did I much care. I performed with my own bands on weekends while attending college and even worked with the Emmy award-winning Composer from Boston and Aurora Hills, California, Harvey Cohen who was my Arranger/composer. My dear friend passed away far too soon.

My studies earned me a degree as a Respiratory Therapist and have worked my life in hospital’s caring for those in need. On weekend’s I would sing for my supper, so to speak. I had to do it! I took a break from the serious side of life and hit the road with six other band members and me the only girl. We shared agents with Natalie Cole as we played rooms back to back, a very exciting time for me.

Marriage came for a short time and one son was born to me. I was divorced four years later. Then on came the single Mother saga, but it went well and always I had the support of his father. In these long years I founded and co-founded two theater companies, wrote, directed and produced two plays, all while working at the hospital, teaching voice and singing out. In addition, I dabbled in writing and attended The Children’s Institute of Literature. I won the editor’s choice award for my poetry, which has been published in two separate anthologies of work. I was recognized for “Excellence in Teaching (Voice)” by The National Foundation of the Arts in Miami, Florida. Again I was somehow nominated to Who’s Who in American Women twice even having a Flag flown in my honor at the Connecticut State Capitol.

Life went on and I found time to enjoy myself. I frequented Martha’s Vineyard, Newport Rhode Island and the Cape in the Summer time, a favorite place of mine. I have traveled some, mostly to the many Islands in the Caribbean, then off to Hawaii, California, Vegas, Colorado, even crossing the Atlantic spending time in Malaga, Spain.

In time I became a sailor and skippered my own 23-foot day sailor equipped with bed and a head.  I was in heaven with nature feeling best when the wind blew my hair, as the boat would drift and waves splash against her. I’d nap and listen to the sails luff in the wind as I drifted off into oblivion. Heaven!

I am a skier but not ready for the Olympics.’ And have put the cold aside for palm trees in sunny Florida. I have down sized to a Kayak. I always believe there is just one more thing to do, knowing that when a gift is given to you it must be used.  In the past seven years I have become a Reiki master practicing the art of ancient healing. I have studied and practice Qi gong a martial art, which gathers Chi while relaxing and healing the body, mind and spirit.

Presently I am working as the head secretary for Surety Direct the insurance segment of the Bail Bond business.  And too have become an Author and an Archer.

Yes to your questions, I do have two more books in the fire, Gisele and He Murdered Me. I am honored to be the one to have written of Armin Hirmer’s life with a bit of imagination in the dream sequences. This will always be my pride and Joy.

It is difficult to write about oneself but hope this gives you a small glimpse into my life and as for where I go from here. Wherever the wind blows or He chooses to take me.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have, I will be happy to answer you.



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