The Archer – Armin Hirmer

armin 4It has been said that The Archer had been created out of thin air, not so!!!

This is a non-fiction based on the life and adventures of Armin Hirmer.

He had told me of dreams that he had, those of which he could never bring to an end.  He would ponder those dreams, then just let them go.  So, here I gave them a twist adding a bit of fiction to the mix, as I  magnified the dreams sequences’ giving life to his past and bringing forward Lili-an, his love from ancient China’s 6th century.

The majestic mountains of Wu dang, China is where, in truth, he studied with  monks and those martial artist’s who taught him the philosophies of The Tao Te Ching, of push hands, of the sword dance and the proficiency of Taijiquan with its flowing movements, replicating water.  These ancient teachings are a part of his daily life bringing  him harmony and balance.   HIs studies and those of the bow began in his early teenage years, surely taking him on the journey of his lifetime.

The characters who take this journey with him, for the most part are real people he had met along his way. Those who had influenced his life greatly and some of whom he remains connected to even now.  In creating this book I found it necessary to bring these people into the story line, which allowed me to feel them and sense their being,  as he had shared stories of them with me, proud he had made one more friend along his way.

I had met Armin while he was new to Beirut, Lebanon, certainly a beautiful country sitting smack in the middle of pending danger as Syria took  aim on Israel.   But Armin was, as he always is,  called to each of his destinations, somewhat like a student being given an assignment.   Alone, he was  comfortable in foreign places where he had not one friend to help or guide him,  yet,  he courageously finds his way sinking into himself through meditation, believing in the flow of the universe and in God’s plan for him.  He has learned to listen to the voice which emerges in the stillness of silence, in this he finds a peaceful calm as he moves forward.

Each of those who journeyed with him throughout the book and the events which had occurred  are true in most circumstances. Armin has learned when moving from one place to another not to look back at his past or where he has been. But to look forward to what life may bring while staying focused in his NOW.  Yet I know for certain that apart of him always remains with his students no matter where he goes.

Armin is the Bow Whisperer for as he teaches of the bow, he too entwined all his knowledge and heart into what he brings to each of his students. It is not because he has to teach , it is because he loves to teach.

There are some in the world of  teaching who do it  for the glory it brings. Some teach in ways to manipulate the mind bringing confusion and misinformation , guiding in a false way.  In this the student will become frustrated not knowing right from wrong or even whom to trust.  Not so with  Armin,  he brings the ease of learning with truths , by teaching of balance , harmony and intuition, as he combines his knowledge with  a passion that stirs within him. He is always happy to see his students succeed, whether they live in the pages of his book or in real time learning from him in the Now.

They are in the best of hands!

Please always feel free to ask any questions.  I will be happy to help you find the answers you look for.



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