Chapter 8: Regensburg


For most, home would be a place of comfort and peace, yet for Armin, his return to Regensburg was bittersweet. At times, reflection overtook him when remembering the negativity that had devoured him in what now seemed to be a lifetime ago. It was never his way to think back on the past, but on this day, he embraced his feelings on the subject of home, trying to rationalize a deep-rooted gnawing in the pit of his stomach. The discomfort he felt would only settle with meditation along with readjustments of his thoughts. He knew that one could never change the past; Armin’s only desire was to heal all negative memories from his earlier years, allowing them to sleep forever. Once he reached into the depths of himself, he felt different being on the soil of his homeland. A peaceful settling had come upon him, and with the passing of time, Armin had matured by returning to the roots of his youth. He experienced a rebirth from the times he was lost to a commercial world. Ten years of learned studies guided by martial arts and his change from Catholicism to the philosophy of the Tao Te Ching opened a new world of understanding for him. His life had been changed forever.

Happy times and modest contentment now filled Armin’s new life in Regensburg. His many friends had gathered, giving him a warm welcome home, for which he was grateful. As always, his days began with Taijiquan and the quiet gathering of chi, which opened him to receive wisdom from the universe. Aware that all things in life were connected with the flow of yin and yang energies, Armin often imagined intertwining his way of the bow and his spiritual beliefs with all of life. He wrote manuals and used his drawings to depict each thought, bringing life’s circle to a perfect completion.

Nighttime found Armin empty-minded, drifting away from all consciousness. Within the void of nothingness, voices and images from Wudang came calling, beckoning for his return. The spirit of the mountains was powerful and enlightening, which gave him total peace. As he recalled the simple life of solitude and natural comfort, he yearned to return to that mystical place. Armin remembered the vow he had made to himself as he hiked many miles from the home of Hai and Lihua. And again, he promise d to f ind a way to give back to the great country of China. The high mountains of Wudang had given Armin a new strength and knowledge as he learned the truth of the warrior who lived within him.

In time, Armin blended back into the pace of Regensburg, working once again, but this time, far from his old career in architecture. He was a teacher and master of the bow, of Taijiquan, and of the tea ceremony, all of which he offered to his students. Each day was a classroom of opportunity to learn more of life’s mysteries. By meshing his past and present knowledge, he found great success with his new business. Using the proceeds from his teachings to help the less fortunate in Wudang, he fulfilled his promise by setting up a foundation.

On weekends, Armin renewed himself by walking city streets, making certain to enjoy the magnificent architecture so rich in Germany. He appreciated the intricacy of fine art and thought of the great artists who made their mark by leaving their treasures for all to enjoy. Eventually, he found himself standing on the bridge over the Danube River, watching the sunset and listening to the waters below h i m . There, here’ve led in wonder and gratitude for all that was. Armin looked to the skies to find Silverhawk soaring above, calling out with piercing sounds a welcoming. The two had been apart for months, but this day, they were again as one.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from my book, “The Archer.”

Carol C.


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