FB taijiquan movementsGood Day to all,

Of course suggestions are made each week on subjects to explore or to inform you of.  This week I am to speak to you from Armin’s perspective of   his thoughts and about the way he see himself in the mix created in the writing of The Archer.

For me this is difficult as I am not inside Armin’s head. And unfortunately we have never met. He has told me on many occasions to never try to figure out his mind as it is one that could never be understood. So I do not pry.

Armin from my own perspective and knowing him as I do, would say this to you as he has so many times said to me.

” I am no one special, I am only a man working at his job and for me it is not a job but what I love. It is something connected to my being, a part of me and I always think and breathe archery.  It is my life.”

When I told him of my directive and desire to write his story there was no hesitation at all. He simply opened himself , allowing me to take the book on the journey of his life. It was put before him as a natural flow of the way things were to be. Patiently he simply rode the current.

Armin is steadfast in the NOW and advocates to each of us to take the moment before us and Live it to the fullest.  We can do nothing for the time that has passed us and yes, of course we all have hopes or dreams for the future but it is not here and may not come. The Now is all we have. 

Armin’s way is to let life happen naturally and not to force anything, and of course never to look back into the past for it is gone forever.  We are but atoms floating as one with the universe.  In other words be ever grateful for life and go with its flow easily and unobstructed.  If it feels right than it is.

If you can find that place in meditation between here and oblivion, it is then you may hear the voice of God, your true guide. It will be up to you to listen to the wisdom given.

 Never have fear of any kind for this impedes growth and we are here to take each opportunity and make it work, for what is meant to be for you will come only when it is suppose to.  Do not be impatient simply BE. 

Have a great week and see you on the inbetween.



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