Essentials of Breathing

taiji looking over the seaMarch 14 2014,

Good day to you.

The most important essentials in life are found in water and in breath. It is without doubt that these bring vital energy and life to all of our body organs. Today is a day to breathe the right way and to practice and instill it into your daily routine.

We use breathing techniques in mediation, exercise, the shooting of the Bow, in relaxation and quiet moments. But are you doing this in the correct manner.

Think of it for a moment.  If you ask a child or most for that matter, what happens?  You will see a rise in the upper chest and a lift in the skeletal body frame as well as striated muscle in the neck struggling for the breath.    If you breathed in this manner you are throwing  vital energy away.  The heaving of bone has nothing to do with moving air into the Alveoli and circulatory system.

Find a comfortable sitting position for now , place one hand on your upper chest and the other on your belly. You may tighten you buttocks and rotate your hips as in a pelvic tilt.  Hold this position even though there is initially some discomfort.  Slowly with both your nose and mouth begin to inhale. Let us say your right hand is on the upper chest and left is on the belly. Upon inhalation the right hand does not move at all, while the left hand will pop outward as your lungs begin to fill.  Hold your breath for a moment and as you begin to exhale your belly will deflate.  Again slowly inhale taking air in as a yawn, allowing only the belly to move in an outward direction.  The face muscles and jaw are hanging around and not in working order at all. Close your eyes as you think of a relaxing scene or listen to soft music that will take you on your minds journey. This is yet only the beginning of how to breath correctly.

Some will say only through the nose. Yes I would say in a technique called #Cosmic Orbit Breathing. An advanced practice which takes time to achieve. But NO I say in the first stages.  Get use to using both the nasal and oral pharyngeal cavities for breathing this way you will be sure to utilize your entire Tidal Volume.

Once achieved stand and implement what you have learned all while staying in a relaxed state.  Now slip or rotate your hips and breath all while readying to take your #Bow shot.

If you have questions feel free to ask away.


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