More good New!!!

Good Day to each of you. ❤

I am  hoping to fill you in a little bit today on the books happenings.

I am asked nearly every day by someone in my travels what The Archer is all about. And I find myself stumped not knowing what to say as my mind swirls and eyes raise to find the perfect answer. Then I continue as I trip on words because there is no speedy or all conclusive answer to the questions. .

I simply say, “it is all encompassing”  for how could one know what I am talking about unless they know #Armin personally for in that, they realize that there are many facets to what he has to offer and what the book covers.

Last week Authorhouse publishing was in touch asking again for a synopsis of the book ,for this time the words would be seen in Hollywood by the producers for possible production to screen or a TV series.

Then too, #TheArcher was chosen one of eight books published by AH to be featured in Publisher’s Weekly a huge and most important venue for us.

My words may be deciding the books fate and so for those who follow herein you may have noticed my lack of page engagement this week. So sorry but I was busy still working the book but off in another direction. My usual at times.

A brief clip for Publishers Weekly went something like this.

“Haunting dreams fill the Archer’s nights. He allows them in but never concludes the reason for their coming. Lilian, an apparition materializes to him finally revealing the missing pieces of his ancient warrior past from the sixth century China.  In his now reality he is a teacher and guide of the bow and of the lessons in life, changing those minds and hearts along his way, permitting a brief glimpse into the window of his own soul.”

We are being recognized in the book world and I am elated at every turn.

If you have any questions about the book or subject you would like discussed please feel free to send a note along.  I will do my best to answer you.  If not here then you can reach me at

Have a wonderful Saturday , 🙂 And thank you for  being a part of The Archer family. 🙂      Armin shooting on Sylt


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