Fun to share.

Good Day to all of you.

Today I wanted to share with you some wonderful news from my place in the world.  Always my head buried in a project or two like most of you are as well.

I am friends with Steven Seagal,  Actor and Aikido Master. I always felt akin to him knowing that The Archer and he share the same self-control and passion for martial arts. Within the friendship he has chosen to read my book and I  await word on its completion.  In between traveling to different locations, completing a movie and his performances with his band, there leaves little time for the pleasure of a book although he did say he was half way through and liked it very much.

Steven is active with PETA and the saving of many voiceless animals. He is also active in Politics as he speaks his mind on many issues all for the betterment of government and equality in human rights.

I am pleased to say that on June 16th I will be in Miami at the Hard Rock to see him in concert , blues/Jazz.  I am honored and will surely share this experience with all of you. He is a talented man, a great Actor and guitarist who possesses a wonderful  voice, It will be much fun. 🙂    check him out on- line The Steven Seagal Band.

Enjoy your day of Archery 🙂 ❤   and today be love to one another for me. !!!!!

C. ❤



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