First I would like to thank Marilyn Corcoran and Charles Paul Azzopardi for the time and effort they put into their great and well appreciated book reviews. For those of you who haven’t seen them please refer to The Archer Page on FB.

Time is quickly passing and summer near. I have been making arrangements to begin the audio version of the book over the next several months.

Word again has come that forward motion is now taking place on our presentation to Publishers Weekly. And the screenplay readers have suggested that The Archer would be suited for a Independent Featured Film.  Next step is the presentation to Truline in California for their take on the books future.   Seems that waiting is on the list as always. But I am very pleased and grateful for all that happened thus far.

Armin I do ask your forgiveness as I missed your comment regarding the #Blog I had written on Breathing Technique. I promise to reread and answer this as soon as I can.

Tonight I leave you with a passage from the book that has always taken me. Enjoy.

“From the workshop, he stepped outside the narrow doorway. Feeling the early morning light upon him he took his place with nature. Beginning the slow movements of Taijiquan, he relaxed while releasing his sore muscles. His body flowed like a gentle river moving onward into obscurity, as one motion moved into the next, having no beginning and no end.  The music he heard was made by the sounds of buzzing bees, singing birds, and the alarmed cawing of a crow in the early morning hours.  Rustling leaves swirled like a cyclone around his feet, adding to the ensemble of sounds.  Closing his eyes, Armin took all of nature into him welcoming his new day.”

This is Armin’s daily practise long before his Archer’s take their first shot on any given day. Balance, focus and centering one’s self is the key to a each new dawn.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by.


Feel free to ask questions or make comments 🙂Armin on Mountain



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