The Five Elements

Well, I have been absent since early March. Hummmm No good excuse but a lack of spirit, a down time of adjusting to a new environment and circumstance.

It is not me to stand idle lost to myself, so today for the first time in a while I  took my books , those of which I have neglected for sometime and went to a place in the sun where I could read and absorb everything as if a sponge. I found myself thirsting for knowledge and renewal of all that I have previously studied. All that I had practised and believe in.

In one hand was Eckhart Tolle in the other was a book of consortism written by Professor Tanya Storch originally from Russia and Jeff Primack , Qigong master with whom I had studied with back in 2011. Primack won the toss and I delved into ‘Mastering the 5 Elements recapturing the who in who I am.

The 5 elements are Fire, water, tree, metal and earth. usually the cycle begins with water but because Fire is not patient we will put him first.

These represent qualities each of us carries or QI. To find who you are in the world of natural elements one would simply use their year, month and day  of birth to determine which element you associate with. This method of determination originally was implemented by a Chinese astrologer and physician many years ago.Today it is recommended that you simply elect which element you truly represent.

I found myself to be more of Earth my birth right so to speak.  but also had characteristic of another very clearly.  this. Not a surprise to me.

In my research for my own book ‘The Archer.’ I studied these elements as they were important to Armin as often he brought them to my attention.   I am a catholic yet read from stem to stern the Tao Te Ching finding that all philosophies are intertwined with aspects of nature,the elements and the healing properties of the universe.  Most especially interesting was our fit as human’s into the scheme of life. It is vital to follow ethical codes of discipline,forgiveness, compassion etc. and to allow the natural Qi or flow of the universe to sweep us with her as one.

I was happy to read that at the base of all beliefs is the same master of the universe  God. this was taught by a Dao Master who secretly practised Christianity.  One day he asked his students ” what is the Russian word for God , “Bog” they replied .  “and what is the the latin word for God and they replied ” Deo” then he asked what is the Chinese word was for God ? not one could answer.  He replied “Dao.”

excerpts from Master of the 5 Elements as above.

Have a wonderful day 🙂 ❤ Armin Chi



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