Malta Archery’s Quest for a New HOME

Good Evening from America, 

I admire the efforts being made in Malta to find a new range, which will proliferate the sport of Archery, embedding it into the fiber of the island. 

Recently the owner of the land on which the Archery range stands, has asked that Armin leave, as he will now use that land for building purposes. 

Sadly, even our schools systems in the U.S. and around the world,  find that when finances are tight or land too scarce that the first programs to be eliminated are those such as music and sports:  putting academics in the forefront of all else which is necessary.  Yet, there are many students who suffer from this loss and simply are not academic.  But they find their way to success in art, athletics and music. It is essential to keep these programs intact for a total life experience and growth. 

I come from a long line of teachers and administrators. My father, and my two brothers made the difference in many a life through the rigors of balancing hard work, discipline an dedication as they guided young people to  bright and successful futures. 

 I myself have taught Voice and theater to thousands of children and I do agree that the right teacher can make or break a students life, giving them esteem and a new zest.   I have first handedly witness children, my own student, many of whom were shy and with no self esteem.  Yet with lessons came confidence and then the unfolding of buds like a flower blooming, at the success they find within themselves.  Of course it is all at the hand of the teacher who cared enough to guide them in a way of understanding and positivity.

I have no doubt that Armin Hirmer’s program’s in Archery and Taijiquan on Malta are of the highest quality.  I know that he touches his students in a way that gives them a light which they carry forever.   To this, I have been a witness. As in the book The Archer, Armin guides by teaching lessons of life with the use of the bow and arrows. Discipline without excuses, dedication, balance and skills work with fun for the many who have studied with him.  This experience stays forever and even when long gone they still hear his voice in their ears.   

I am asking all of you to help Malta Archery find the land or building needed to give Armin and his staff a place to call home. Sign the petition posted on Malta or at Sandra and become a warrior for their cause. 


Wishing all a perfect week and thank you for helping 🙂 ❤logo


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