Walk the path of Imagination


Chapter One

The Archer

The ancient village of Burglengenfeld, Germany has a population of approximately 12,000 and is located in the district of Schwandorf, Bavaria.  A grand castle built in the 18th century by a family of nobility has a daunting presence there, an eeriness of medieval times, of knights and legends lingering behind.  Burglengenfeld Castle, a historic remnant of the past is perched high atop a hillside overlooking rows of closely knit aged houses made of stone and brick.  She keeps a careful watch on the tranquil town below, which is nestled close to the winding river Naab near the Bavarian forest.   This town has a feeling of antiquity with its fine intricately designed buildings.  Many of which are adorned with carved moldings which grace the grandeur of local ancient cathedrals, showing off an impressive artistry not often used in modern times.  A child was born there in the mid 1960’s, one who would make a difference in the lives of many.  His eyes were captivating blue, his hair although sparse at birth promised to be blonde.  Armin was his given name, meaning to be whole, immense and universal.  Time would prove this name suited the child and man he would become.   His birth brought great joy to his parents, who were hardworking upstanding middle class citizens; he had a happy normal upbringing by all accounts.  Indeed, the economics of the time during his early childhood did not permit extras and certainly no frills, some of which his friends enjoyed.  He paid no mind to such things and was left to use his imagination and creativity to fill the void of his wanting.  Both his parents worked away from home leaving little time for substance in nurturing.  Armin was strong willed in a gentle way and very self-sufficient having to do most things on his own.  He learned at an early age how to fend for himself during his parent’s absence. There were intervals when he tried to ignore the emotions of loneliness he felt wishing to spend more time with his parents who were lost in their busy schedules.  Armin understood and appreciated their hard work and need to provide for the family.  Attention and love were given him, enough to instill principals and a code of ethics lasting him a lifetime.  As young boy Armin gained knowledge of many things as he watched and listened in silence, learning all he could from those around him.


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