In Tribute to YOU~!

shared from Sherry Dunn OliverGood Evening                                                                                                            2-25-15

I had awaken this morning to the brilliance of a new day.  As many of us do, I  opened my computer to see what in the world each of you were up to. I found myself in awe as I smile with each of the pictures and stories you share with your Facebook family, (ME!)

Today striking pictures of Mike Sabo displaying his talent as a horseback Archer stole the show. I began thinking of each of you who offer so much to my life these days and I honor, respect and am grateful to each of you.

Four years ago I was foreign to archery, then by fateful chance I met Armin Hirmer. He awakened a whole new world for me, one in which I never could have imagined, possessed the beautiful souls of so many.

Prior to this most amazing meeting I worked in a hospital taking care of patients and healing those with illness. My world was that of performance , singing and teaching voice and speech to many over a lengthy span of years. I was owner of two businesses running a theater company as I wrote ,directed and then produced my own plays. Still while working in two Hospitals.

My world was successful and full. A single Mother I raised a wonderful son of whom I am very proud.

Then an explosion happened and I was out of control having no choice but to follow Armin into a new world.  In truth a voice loud and clear demanded I write the book The Archer. How could I refuse as it happened in the Cathedral of St. Peter’s in Hartford, Connecticut.  From that point on and with the blessing of Armin I wrote 8-10 hours every day until my mission was accomplished.

Armin was my  mentor , teacher, guide and I learned everything in this one place. As time went on I began meeting the likes of Ole Jorgan Rodar ….Bo Krause…. Johnny Snyman of , Bernard  from South Africa, Debbie Archer…..  Gina Adams…..Babinno Toxofan….  Jaques Doard, Johann Zsidy……Travis Boese and  Benzi who needs no last name  and the list goes on and on.

I have watched and leaned new things from each of you as I read your sites and timelines. I am as if a sponge taking all in like a child to perfect my own skills.  You are my teachers as you so willingly offer support when you see something wrong or right.  As Armin says ” When one Teaches Two Learn ..  and how true this is .

I wanted to express my thanks to each of you for bringing new light into my world, for in this I have met the most kind, generous and helpful givings souls on the planet.  The world of Archery and its Archers is one unto its own.

I wish you all the very best of Life and the spirit to go on helping the many who need your expertise.

I am and ever will be grateful for our meeting and our friendships.  As I have always said there is a reason for every meeting and happening.

Have the best day ever and Thank You one and all for bringing in the light.



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